Absent Lawmakers during Special Session

August 13, 2021$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Texas House of Representatives
location: unknown

On August 10, 2021, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan signed arrest warrants for 52 representatives who have failed to appear in the House chamber for a special session called by Governor Greg Abbott. The absences of the repres… Read More »

SAPD Chief Coverup Allegations

November 8, 2018$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Tampering w Witness; Federal Whistleblowers Protection Act
position: Chief of Police
location: San Antonio, Texas

According to reports on KSAT 12, a recently retired member of the San Antonio Police Department has accused SAPD executives of improperly influencing Inter… Read More »

Arp City Council Allegations

October 19, 2018$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Conflict of interest, violation of texas open meetings act, violation of fiduciary duty
position: City Council
location: Arp, Texas

Government Crime Stoppers has received an anonymous tip alleging that two city council members of Arp, Texas, took actions to purchase a conRead More »

Dallas County Schools

January 30, 2018$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Bribery, political corruption
position: Dallas/TX

In recent months, reports of alleged money laundering, bribery and possible political corruption have emerged around Dallas County Schools and a school bus camera program that cost DCS $16,000,000.

Probing coverage of Read More »

Houston City Hall

January 11, 2018$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Withholding public information
location: Houston/TX

Houston City Hall has increasingly become the center of press reports alleging illegal activity, such as:  (1) failure to turn over documents by the Houston mayor’s press secretary related to sideline work c… Read More »

Harlandale ISD

September 1, 2017$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Nepotism, Conflict of Interests
location: San Antonio, TX

Harlandale Independent School District is currently under investigation by the Texas Education Agency for issues related to governance, nepotism, contract procurement, and conflict of interests. The investig… Read More »

Donna ISD

July 25, 2017$2,500 Reward

Reward: $2,500
areas of scrutiny: Conflict of Interests
location: Donna, TX

After reviewing several corruption scandals, the Texas Education Agency has assigned an independent monitor to the Donna Independent School District. Specifically, it was found by the TEA that one school board trustee member f… Read More »